My First Look At Tranquillityite--A Mineral First Found On The Moon

Tranquillityite is a mineral that was brought back from the Apollo 11 Moon Mission. They brought back hundreds of pounds of lunar souvenirs that geologists got to study.  And three minerals were found that were only unique to the moon. One was Tranquillityite. 



Fast forward to 2011, a few deposits of this unique and lunar mineral were found in  Western Australia. 

The Apollo astronauts collected rock samples from Mare Tranquillitati, which translates as the Sea of Tranquility. Tranquillityite is a silicate mineral mix-up with iron, oxygen, silicon, zirconium, and titanium with small amounts of calcium and yttrium

The other two minerals were Pyroxferroite and Armalcolite. Those two have also been found on earth but until 2011, Tranquillityite had never has been found here before except in meteorite samples.


My Specimen. 



I purchased my specimen from Yinan Wang, who I recently interviewed on Getting Stoned. It's a nice-sized chunk but when I received it, two small pieces had broken off. Daryl, who got me into making jewelry and into minerals always said that if a stone broke, it means that it had different directions it had to go. So naturally, I'm wrapping the pieces into jewelry. I have one already wrapped (here) and the other one is patiently waiting. 



A Bit More About Tranquillityite. 



  • Brought back from the Apollo missions from the Sea of Tranquility
  • Forms thin stripe up to 15 x 65 micrometers in size in basaltic rocks.
  • The analyzed samples from the Apollo Mission had up to 1% of uranium, rare-earth elements, niobium, yttrium, aluminum,  chromium, and manganese.
  • The uranium is what helped scientists estimate the age of tranquillityite--3710 million years old!
  • Terrestrial tranquillityite was found in Australia in 2011.
  • Until 2011, Tranquillityite was through to only originate from the moon.
  • Tranquillityite was also found in Martian meteorites. 

The rocks in Australia where Tranquillityite was found are called dolerites and are billions of years old.

I tested both my short wave and long wave UV lights on this piece and it did not fluoresce so I am not sure how much, if any, Uranium is in this particular piece.


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Metaphysical Properties Of Tranquillityite. 

Not much is known about the metaphysical properties of this cool stone but if you look at the properties of some of the minerals in it such as titanium, silicon, iron, calcium,  yttrium--it shapes up to be a pretty badass spiritual stone. 

While grounding is a great possibility for this stone, it is otherworldly and pretty ancient. I have a friend who is super sensitive (she's an empath and insanely intuitive)  and she told me when feeling the stone, it was dark—not negative energy but pure space like it embodies the darkness of space. I believe what she was describing was the void of space. 

While scouring the web on this fascinating mineral, I came across this article from Universe Today on Tranquillityite. The article shared an interview with Birger Rasmussen, a paleontologist with Curtin University in Perth who, with his colleagues noted that they found the Australian tranquillityite in "several remote locations in Western Australia." 



Rasmussen was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald. This was essentially the last mineral which was sort of uniquely lunar that had been found in the 70s from these samples returned from the Apollo mission. The mineral has since been found exclusively in returned lunar samples and lunar meteorites, with no terrestrial counterpart. We have now identified tranquillityite in six sites from Western Australia.”

The article noted that tranquillityite can only form through a unique set of circumstances. It forms through uranium decay. Rasmussen pointed out this is evidence that these minerals have always been here on Earth--and that we share the same chemical processes as the moon. “This means that basically, we have the same chemical phenomena on the Moon and on Earth.”


My Meditation Experience With Tranquillityite. 




Yes, I took a bold step and meditated with the stone. I also grounded myself with an Obsidian and Dravite (brown tourmaline) and wore my Moldavite pendant. It wasn't something I planned on doing but felt called to. 

I cleansed the stone by smudging with palo santo then set my intention for the highest good. It felt as if the stone has a message that needed to be decoded. Before working with Tranquillityite, I listened to some chanting meditation music for grounding--something I do on the daily. 

From the moment I picked up the stone and placed it on my third eye, I felt transported to a different place. I couldn't see--it was all black and at that moment, this message came to me: 

You are the light that cuts thru the darkness
The darkness is an illusion
It separates dimensions
Each dimension is surrounded by darkness
And to enter or access those dimensions you need to be pure light.

I also had this sense of being the light as it sped through space-time. That same sense of knowing showed me that not only is light really fast (speed of light) but it is the balance to darkness and we should not be afraid or fear the darkness--in this case the void of space. 

The darkness is the illusion surrounding the light and you have to be pure light to find the light--finding yourself in the dark. 



It made me think about what Elon Musk talks about--the light of consciousness. He often speaks of preserving the light of human consciousness and this is what fuels his drive to get us to Mars and beyond. 

The Bible and several other ancient scripts talk about us being made in the image of the Divine--we all have that spark of light within us. We have the ability to become light--no matter how dark things get, we can cut through it quickly and balance it.