Moldavite: Gemstone from the stars

Moldavite is a gemstone that comes from the stars. It smashed into the earth with cataclysmic power and is the source of quite a few legends.
Moldavite is a rare tektite that comes from the stars. It’s associated with legends such as the Holy Grail, Emerald Tablet of Hermes, and the Philosophers Stone.


Its birth was one of cataclysmic power–if humans were on earth when this gem fell from the sky, we would have been made extinct.

The event which birthed Moldavite was one of cataclysmic power. The force of the impact explosion has been estimated at around six trillion not tons–but megatons.


Add up all the atom bombs on earth and multiply them by a million or so and you still don’t have enough to equal the impact that birthed Moldavite.


The heat was high enough to vaporize rock and the main body of the meteorite, according to the scientists that studied it, passed completely through the Earth’s Crust through the liquid iron core and caused a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles.

Scientists still debate about the gem. It’s one of two of the only gem-quality tektites on earth.



Some believe that Moldavite is earthly rock melted by the heat of the crash and others thing that it could be a type of obsidian ejected by a lunar volcano.

Another theory holds that Moldavite is a fusion of extraterritorial material and earth which resulted in a gas being propelled high into the atmosphere that would have cooled and condensed into a liquid glass that rained down on the crater and surrounding areas.

All three theories are sound but is is a known fact that Moldavite came from the sky in pieces since each piece has aerodynamic shapes and almost all scientists studying it associate it with the meteoric collision that formed the Bohemian plateau and surrounding mountains.

The Holy Grail Connection

Now, when I came across Moldavite, I did not know about this and was amazed at all that I have learned and am continuing to learn about this awesome stone.

Some Grail legends hold that the Holy Grail was not a cup but an emerald that fell from the sky out of Lucifer’s crown–before he was cast from heaven.

The cup that was said to be the Grail was later carved from this emerald. Back in the ancient world, all clear green stones were considered emeralds and Moldavite is the only stone that ever fell from the sky.

In history, there was even a physical Grail discovered and brought to Napoleon who was really upset to find only clear green glass.

The Grail, often shown as a vessel, such as a chalice, implies the female body as the chalice that holds the essence of life and can bring forth new life.

Worship of the Divine Feminine has been centered around this holy mystery and amulets of Moldavite were found in the same archaeological dig as the Venus of Willendorf, the oldest known Goddess statue.

The Emerald Tablet Connection

Patheos made the connection between Moldavite and The Philosopher’s Stone, and Tabula Smaragdina which is The Emerald Tablet of Thoth. Regarding the Philosopher’s Stone, it was an emerald that fell from heaven that had the knowledge of macrocosmic and microcosmic forces.

The article (a great read!) lends credit to the idea that the Emerald Tablet was carved on a Moldavite. The ancients often referred to any transparent green stone as an emerald. Also noted is the idea that the Emerald Tablet shares the story of the creation of Moldavite.

“This semiprecious stone [Moldavite], which resembles green glass, has gemlike qualities and is often used in jewelry. Looking again at Isaac Newton’s translation of the emerald tablet provides a tantalizing clue: “Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.” This describes moldavite exactly. It is created through fire when the “power” or “energy” of a meteorite impacts the earth, creating this new substance through sheer force. Sacred chemistry of the gods, if you happen to be an alchemist.

In recent translations of the emerald tablet from the original Arabic, by Nineveh Shadrach, the line in question appears as “it is a fire that became our earth,” which again precisely describes the creation of moldavite. This new translation also contains an intriguing variation of the line from Newton’s version: “It extracts the light from the heights and descends to the earth containing the power of the above and the below for it switch the light of the lights. Therefore the darkness flees from it.”

– Simon Cox
Decoding The Lost Symbol

My Own Experience With Moldavite


I was in my mentor, Daryl’s, shop one day and still kinda new to the whole crystal thing.I’d already started a mini collection but was still kinda skeptical of gems and energy.

I was technically blocked from any and all energy. Anyway, Daryl told me about an accident he had while wire wrapping and during this time he was wearing a Moldavite pendant.

The story he told me seemed really unbelievable but, as I later found out, Moldavite has its own power.


Here’s what happened to him:

Daryl had cut his hand badly so he and his wife rushed to the drug store to get bandages and stuff. Daryl told me that he just sat in the car and the sun shone onto the Moldavite, which somehow found itself in his injured hand.

He went into a trance and all he could hear was this sizzling and frying sound that didn’t stop until the pain in his hand stopped. When he came out of the trance, he looked down and the wound, blood–the injury was completely healed.

The only thing that was in his hand was the Moldavite.


So after hearing this, I ran down to Crystal Blue and the guy working there at the time let me hold a Moldavite.

I was expecting the zing and got nothing.

It was just a dull green lifeless rock in my hand. The guy told me to just hold it for a few minutes and when I did and still nothing, he handed me every Moldavite out of the case and asked me,

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I was like,

“Yeah no big,”

My thought was that I was going to be holding a bunch of green rocks. I held about 15-20 Moldavites (probably over $1,000 worth) and not even two minutes later I was hit with intense energy.

One minute I was holding a bunch of rocks and then the next I was on fire. I was shaking, buzzing, experiencing what is known as the Moldavite Flush–though I didn’t know that at the time, and my hand was frozen in place.

I was hot, cold, had the shakes like I’d gone into heroin withdrawals–but it felt GOOD. (side note–I’ve never done heroin).

Time had completely stopped for me and I spent about a half-hour or so before I came out of the trance. The energy was high like no other.

I wanted to run. I wanted to faint. I was buzzing for two weeks straight. Honestly, I don’t even know how I managed to sleep at all but those two weeks were the most eye-opening and transforming of my life.

Healing Properties Of Moldavite

On a metaphysical level, Moldavite is a very powerful stone. It releases blockages in energy from the body on the emotional and physical levels. It affects all the chakras and it especially has a profound effect on the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

The Moldavite “Flush” is the most common feeling associated with people of a rushing warm, dizzying, buzzing sensation that flows through the whole body when first coming into contact with the stone. Most often the person holding the stone turns red in the face (the flush) and yes, it has happened to me quite a bit.


This varies from person to person, it may not happen at first, size does seem to have an effect on the energy as well as how sensitive a person is. It may take weeks of working with the stone, through meditation and wearing each day. Or you could just do like I did. That was beyond intense.


Faceted Moldavites Are Intense!


Faceted Moldavites are intensified by the cutting process, and are commonly mistaken for Diopside due to their intense green color.

Moldavite is an excellent stone to use to assist in astral travel and in communication with spirit guides.

Moldavite also assists in past life regression and it can help you to see into the future. Intuitive abilities often become stronger when wearing/carrying Moldavite so it’s an excellent stone to work with if you are looking to develop your psychic abilities.

Moldavite can actually amplify your energy/feelings and the energy/feelings of those around you. Again, it’s very important to see how Moldavite effects you before you wear or carry it on a daily basis.

It’s often best to carry or wear black tourmaline, jet or smoky or rose quartz with Moldavite to help stay grounded & psychically protected until you are acclimated to Moldavite’s intense energy.

Upon my learning about Moldavite, what happened to Daryl–the physical actual healing, I learned, is very rare.

I’ve been told by so many crystal healers that I’ve come across that Moldavite does not physically heal but instead brings to you the awareness of the cause of your injury and usually reveals the gift, or lesson, that the sickness or injury teaches.

Moldavite, like Obsidian, will pretty much throw in your face your problems or issues that you need to deal with now–all those issues you have with your past that you try to forget–

Moldavite brings them to the forefront in an intense way and if you let it, it will cleanse your energetic system.

Moldavite clears auras, chakras, helps with communications with extraterrestrials (hasn’t happened to me yet!) amplifies thoughts and your energy.


My Own Moldavite

I purchased my first Moldavite for $86 and now the value has doubled due to the increasing rarity of the gem.
Daryl wrapped it in Sterling Silver and it was the first piece I studied while learning to wire wrap.

Use caution when using Moldavite in any healing or energy work because it will assist in manifesting your intent/thoughts very quickly. Even the thoughts you don’t want to think.

Make sure your mind is clear and your intent is focused during the workings to avoid any problems when you work with Moldavite.