Luscious Red Garnet

There are many types of Garnet but today I am writing about a luscious type of garnet that is a beautiful shade of red. It ranges from a ruby red to a dark blood red color and with the light hits it just right, it seems to have this inner glow of fire. Red, or Almandine Garnet. Also known as Almandine, this gem has a bit of iron alumina in it that gives it this dark color. When the color hits that violet tint the name Syrian garnet is often associated with the gem and it comes from an ancient town of Pegu which is now a part of Myanmar.

Garnet is the stone for January and it comes from the Latin word “Garanatus” which means seed like. It is a reference to a pomegranate and if we look at the seeds of a pomegranate we can see they are eerily similar to Almandine Garnets. Garnet is one of the twelve gems in Aaron’s breastplate and Christian tradition considers darker, blood-red gems to be a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice. The Quran says that Garnet illuminates the Fourth Heaven.

Another legend says that a garnet carbuncle, which is another name for garnet, was fixed on the mast of the ark and it lit up the voyage day and night. This is where the idea that Garnet is an amulet for travelers comes from.