Lovely Gifts From Tunisia

My “day job” is writing articles for CleanTechnica and one of the events I covered was a Tesla event in Tunisia–I didn’t go there but got to speak with several Tesla owners who went and the organizer who became a friend. He made a trip to the US (New York) and brought these gifts all the way from Tunisia to send them to me. 

I made a video (music is by a YouTube mix) of me lighting the candles in the oil warmers and the oil blend I used was the sea salt blend by Zum Oil that I picked up at Coyote Moon here in Baton Rouge. 

The Gifts


Terracotta is a type of earthenware made with clay ceramic. It can be glazed or unglazed. The pottery is very fragile and this type of art has been around for eons. The Chinese have the Terracotta Army and several pieces of pots, art and figurines have been found in archaeology.

These pieces have been handmade and I also received another gift, a beautiful handmade dress in the colors of my favorite college football team, LSU Tigers who just won the National Championship. Also included are a bracelet and charms. The hand has many meanings in various cultures. I first came across it in the form of the Hamsa which is the Jewish tradition. I was told by a friend that it was a symbol of God’s protection. In Arabic culture, it is known as the Fatima Hand, it represents femininity and is known as the woman’s holy hand. It is known for protection from evil and other negative energy.

It is an open right hand and in some artworks it has the eye in the palm wish represents protection from the evil eye, or jealousy. Other names for it is the Hand of Miriam, or the Hand of the Goddess as it has been associated with the Goddess Tanit in Carthage which is modern-day Tunisia. I want to give a special thank you to my friends at Tesla Club of Tunisia for these beautiful treasures.