I Think Elon Musk Called My Jewelry a Great Product

I had this cool idea and a way to support Elon Musk. Yes, he is a billionaire and many think he doesn’t need anyone’s support, but he actually did support me in 2018 and I landed my current full time job writing at CleanTechnica thanks to his influence and support in my life.

Anyway, I asked him about making smaller Boring Bricks for artists to use. I told him I would love to use them in my jewelry. and would love to buy from him and support him.



He replied to me and explained that the bricks are coming, but the focus of the whole team is on the Vegas Convention Center tunnel. However the last line in his tweet to me was what really made my day.

He said, “I love (heart emoji) crowd sourcing ideas with people who really care about making great products!”

He didn’t say, “Johnna makes great jewelry products,” but the way he worded it shows that he does see my jewelry as a great product.

The fact that he took the time to reply to me and include that last line shows he cares. And that he would be willing to do a collab sometime. That would be cool. I’d totally be open to doing a collab with Elon for any of his projects.