How To Wear Brass & Copper Jewelry Without Your Skin Turning Green

As an artist, I love exploring different metals with my wire work. I’ve wrapped with copper, brass and bronze before and love how they look before and after they naturally oxidize. 


Many people have allergies or their skin turns green when wearing brass, bronze, or copper jewelry. The best way to prevent this, in my experience, is clear nail polish. 

Painting the parts that touch your skin will prevent your skin from turning green–but you have to paint it frequently (I do it monthly on my pieces) as it does eventually come off. 

Brass is a gorgeous warm sunny vibrant yellow that is bold and daring. Metaphysically, it has the same energetic properties as gold and until brass eventually oxidizes, the two can be mistaken for one another when looking at jewelry made with them with the naked eye. 

Brass is a metal mix of copper and zinc. Tin brass is a type of brass that has tin added to it. Brass with 39% zinc (Muntz Metal for example) will have a higher strength and lower ductility at room temperature. 

Unfortunately, brass is not hypoallergenic. Many people have allergies to certain metals and brass is on that list. In some cases, the person who is allergic may still wear it as a pendant–just make sure they don’t touch the metal and to keep the pendant separated from your skin via your clothing. 



I think base metals such as brass, copper, and bronze are beautiful and create an earthy vibe. I love combining them with other metals such as this piece below with bronze and 14k rose gold-filled wire (sold). Over time, the bronze oxidized and the rose gold stood out beautifully in contrast.