Herkimer Diamonds–Dazzling Natural Gems

Herkimer Diamonds are a dazzling variety of quartz crystal. They are dubbed as ‘diamonds’ due to their stunning sparkle like that of actual faceted diamonds.

These gems are a rare type of quartz crystal that are double terminated (it has a natural point at both ends) and often have some type of inclusion in them. 

These gems are unique because not only are they a rare type of quartz crystals that look like a sacred geometric football, but they were formed over 200-5– millions years ago and this created a really hard and durable gemstone. 

Hermikers are harder than traditional quartz crystals. The name Herkimer Diamond comes from where they were first discovered–Herkimer, NY. 

Herkimers are known to be high energy gems that help one to attune as they deepen their understanding of life. 

The energy of Herkimers amplifies the other energies of stones (a traditional property of quartz in general) and they have an all around good vibration.