Herkimer Diamond And Golden Herkimer Diamond--Under UV

Herkimer diamonds are a type of quartz crystal that has two pointed ends (double terminated) and usually some type of inclusion in the center (black spot).



However one of these little diamonds fluoresces under UV light. In the video above, I use my GEM10UV Nitecore UV light long-range flashlight to test the stones.



The Herkimer on the left had squiggly blue lines but so did the stone I used as a background--so I am not sure what those are. I've also seen those lines in other stones that don't normally fluoresce.

The stone on the right, however, glows like an Infinity Stone. And when you look at it under a macro lens while the UV light is on it, you may get some mothership vibes.




The photo above is a macro shot of the Herkimer with the petroleum inclusions under the UV light taken with both my phone's camera with the zoom at the max and a macro lens. It gives one mothership vibes. 

The photo below is zoomed in shot with a macro lens of the Herkimer with petroleum inclusions. This Herkimer is known as a golden enhydro---referring to liquid trapped inside of a stone. This usually refers to water, but in this case, it's millions of years old petroleum.



Storytime: I accidently made a golden enhydro explode.

This is a bit embarrassing, so don't laugh at me. You can laugh with me though. I was doing a bit of meditating and wanted to set up the ambiance. I have these cute little candle holders that were gifted to me by a friend from Tunisia.

You probably can see where this is going.

These candleholders have a little bowl of oil at the top. I grabbed a couple of crystals and put them in. I've done this before with no issue, but mistakenly grabbed one of the golden enhydros.

I had the golden enhydros in a nice display with my other Herkimers and was really in my own little world here.

So as I was deep into the meditation, I suddenly heard this cracking sound and something hit me on the head. But I couldn't find it--it was as if I were being attacked by something invisible.

My cat--this was before I had two cats--was freaking out too. I thought it was a fluke and just started back trying to get into my vibe when it happened again. This time I saw something flying from the candle holder.

I immediately put out the candles and looked in the little bowls. What was left of the golden enhydro was a tiny piece and that was when I realized my mistake.