Here's Why I Never Buy Gems Or Minerals From Wish

You may be familiar with the Wish App, an app where you can get anything and everything cheaper than the retail price. I've seen some pretty cool stuff being advertised at crazy low prices but my instinct told me not to purchase.
I follow a few gem and mineral accounts on TikTok and one of them, Gems by Gemma, is a gemologist who actually bought some gemstones from Wish and tested it. She shared her findings on TikTok and in short, the gems were fake. I am sharing two videos by Gemma.

Video 1

In the first video she tested three gemstones that were advertised as sapphires. After testing them, she determined them to be cubic zirconia. She noted that the gems had orange pavilion flashes which is an indicator of CZ.
One thing I noticed in the video was the difference of the gemstone she received from the one in the advertised photo. You can clearly see the gems were cut differently.

Video 2

In the second video, Gemma tests a Moissanite engagement ring that she bought from Wish. She noted in her video that for moissanite, she is looking for extreme fire with doubling and sharp facet junctions.
Under the microscope, she didn't see what she was looking for Instead she saw abraded facet junctions, no doubling, and an orange pavilion flash. The first two are signs that this is a soft gemstone and Moissanite with a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, is not a soft stone.

I May Have Bought A Fake Moissanite.


Last year, I purchased a tiny Moissanite from Etsy. It had a GigaJewe certificate but did not have any type of lab report. I thought it was cool and for $11 it seemed like a great addition to my personal collection.
However, after following several gemologists on TikTok, I believe mine to be a fake. In the image below, I have my stone's photo taken with a macro lens and magnified at 30x zoom with my iPhone 7.
I do not have a refractometer or a microscope but you can clearly see the yellowish-orange flash in the bottom part of the gem. However, unless I send it in for testing, I am not 100% sure it's legit or not. Personally, I am leaning toward the idea that it is fake especially since I bought it for $11 but would love to be wrong.
I also performed a Google search on Gigajewe to see if there were any complaints. I stumbled upon a Reddit post from someone asking if anyone had heard of the brand Gigajewe. One of the commenters mentioned that they'd had two-eternity bands and a loose stone from them and that their jewelry tested it.

In Conclusion

If I were to buy minerals or gemstones from Wish, I would buy stones that I could easily identify as real or fake. I've worked with rubies and emeralds that are both rough and faceted, however, I'd opt for the rough gems since I am more familiar with them. I'd go for quartz, rose quartz, but honestly, I'd rather support those who I know to be 100% legit.
I had a friend who bought from Wish often and a lot of the stuff was cheaply made, broke or wasn't real. And the wait was long as everything shipped from China.