Giveaway: Hyalite Opal Pendant.

I am having a special Valentine's Day Giveaway! 

I'm giving away this lovely Hyalite opal pendant that I wrapped in copper. Hyalite is a rare opal that has very small trace amounts of uranium in it. 

Just enough to make it glow under UV light. It's perfectly safe to wear as jewelry. 

How To Enter. 

The first entry is required and that is by signing up in the form below. Then there are two additional ways to enter. 

There's also a free gift for everyone who enters: My free guide to Hyalite Opals.

This is yours to keep. It will come to you automatically when you sign up. Make sure you whitelist me. 

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If you like, you can also buy a Hyalite pendant from me while supplies last. 

Disclaimer: In order to make the Hyalite glow, you need a UV light. The giveaway does not include a UV light. You can find them on Amazon-- bought my Nitecore long wave light from there for $60.