Getting Stoned: Talking Shungite with Jay

In this episode of Getting Stoned, I talk about Shungite with Jay. We also talk about Elon Musk, SpaceX, Elon's song, Don't Doubt Ur Vibe, and Believe in Good which is what Elon said to me back in 2018.


We also talked about Shungite sources and I shared where my gifts of Shungite came from. Unfortunately, Google flagged the website as unsafe, but if you are curious, here's the link. 

We also touched upon a Science Direct study that included shungite in its testing for removing radioactive elements from water at the Fukushima plant. The study noted that shungite in the same concentrations as coke, the other mineral in the test, absorbed 70% of cesium and 47% of strontium.



From the study: The researchers were surprised to see those plain shungite particles extracted almost as much cesium as their oxidized counterpart. "Interestingly, plain shungite was used by local people for water purification from ancient times," Dimiev said. "But we have increased its efficiency many times, as well as revealed the factors behind its effectiveness."

Another stone we talked about was a special type of quartz that can store 360 million TB of data for millions of years.