Fluorescent Jewelry

This is a roundup of some of my jewelry pieces that are fluorescent. They glow under a UV light. In the photos and videos, I am using the GEM10UV Nitecore UV long-range flashlight. 

Although all minerals have the gift of reflecting light, some actually have a property known as fluorescence. You can learn more about the term fluorescence and where it originated from here. Here are three minerals that fluoresce that I have available right now: 

Hyalite Opal


Hyalite is a rare type of opal that has trace amounts of uranium in it that makes it glow under a UV light. It's safe to handle and wear as jewelry. I have 4 pendants available for sale here




I actually have a few fluorite pendants available and each of them are green fluorite that fluoresce a neon blue. Fluorescence in minerals is noted when they are illuminated with specific wavelengths of light. UV light, X-rays and cathode rays are the most common that trigger fluorescence. 


Explore fluorite jewelry




The pendant above is a Ruby in Zoisite cabochon and the ruby fluorescence a hot pink. 

With ruby, the chromium that is present causes a natural red fluorescence. Some rubies don't fluoresce under UV light and this is due to the amount of iron present alongside the chromium. Rubies also fluoresce better under long wave UV light than short wave. For now, the pendant in the photo is available here.