First Time Working With 14K White Gold--My Thoughts On It.


I've recently had an order for something wrapped with 14K white gold which is a pretty expensive metal. My supplier has two options, nickel or palladium. Palladium was a bit more expensive but is a member of the platinum family and I thought it would add more value so I chose that option.



Palladium white gold is made by mixing pure gold with the metal, palladium which replaces the nickel content that is often found in traditional white gold. Palladium is part of the platinum family



I've worked with both solid gold (24K) and platinum before and it's a pretty strong and durable metal compared to gold. I talk about working with both here (gold) and here( platinum).
Unlike traditional white gold, palladium white gold doesn't need to be plated with rhodium which is what gives it that white sheen. Palladium shares something that platinum has--it's pretty tough and doesn't tarnish.
So white gold jewelry will never darken or tarnish when it's made with palladium. It doesn't have nickel nor the rhodium-plated outer layer that wears off over time.


My Thoughts On Palladium White Gold.

When I worked with platinum, I found it to be a bit dull for my own personal tastes, but strong. The platinum wire I ordered was really thin--26 gauge. However platinum is so strong that it didn't' break when I bent it and it actually held a stone.
When I worked with 24K solid gold, it was very soft, and although it didn't break, I was really gentle with it because I felt that it could break.
Palladium white gold brings the strength of the platinum family into the gold and this metal was just as strong as the actual platinum.



It also has great energy. From the moment I touched it, I felt as if I were on fire--not in the bad sense but in the exciting sense. I could feel the strength in this metal. As with combining silver and copper together in jewelry, palladium white gold balances both masculine and feminine energies. Yin and yang.



I had enough leftover from the custom order to make something for myself, add a product to my store, and do a giveaway. Details on the giveaway are coming soon.