Eudialyte Is Rare And Slightly Radioactive

I first came across Eudialyte when Daryl asked me to take a photo of one that he wrapped in 14K gold-filled wire. This was back in 2008 right after I'd started getting into wrapping. I had no idea what this stone was other than a pretty deep red to a purplish red stone. Daryl told me it was rare and pretty hard to get.
Fast forward to last month, I'd ordered what I thought was a string of ruby beads from a bead supplier that I trust. I didn't read the full description--LOL. They were ruby red Eudialyte beads.

Is Eudialyte Safe To Wear As Jewelry? Yes-under 5 carats

According to the International Gem Society, Eudialyte is mildly radioactive but wearing or handling pieces under 5 carats or 1 gram should pose no health risks. However, if you were to hold one that is 5,000 carats or 1 kilogram, you could be exposed to 2.40 mREM per hour.

IGS noted that if you compare that with the average annual estimated radiation exposure in the U.S. from background radiation, it's still not as bad. Medical sources, consumer products, and background radiation are around 360 MREM.

However, is that per hour or one time? They also have a radioactivity chart that can help you determine the exposure for holding different sizes of eudialytes. You can also use a Geiger counter to measure the radioactivity of a specific gem as well. I need to invest in one.


Webmineral provided an estimated radioactivity chart. The beads I've used shouldn't expose anyone to any type of radioactivity (and if they were that deadly, I doubt they would be sold as beads). However, if you are wearing a beaded bracelet with Eudialyte and you're concerned, simply wear malachite jewelry alongside it. Malachite soaks up radiation.


The above image is a ring made with one of the Eudialyte beads. I wrapped it with silver and am keeping it for myself. It's a pinky ring that is a size 6.5 and I've been working out and noticed that my pinky which was a size 7, can wear the 6.5 rings. So I'm using it as a visual reminder of my progress.

The image below is a bracelet I made with Eudialyte and Rose Quartz. It's part of my $15 bracelet collection--I'm selling these at a low price because my cost to make these are low and I want people to have beautiful gemstone jewelry at a low price. Plus, I enjoy making them.