Diving Into Some Rutilated Quartz (Macro shots)

Not to be confused with tourmalated quartz (quartz with black tourmaline inclusions in them) rutilated quartz is a type of quartz with unique, hairlike inclusions in them called rutile.
The inclusions are often golden in appearance but some can look silver, copper or even black.
Sometimes they are randomly in the quartz and other times they are in bundles. In many cases, inclusions often reduce the value of a crystal or gemstone. In the case of rutilated quartz, it actually adds to the value.

What Is Rutile?

Rutile is a mineral made up of mostly titanium dioxide and is the most common natural form of titanium dioxide. Some natural rutile may contain up to 10% of iron as well as significant amounts of tantalum or niobium.

Metaphysical Properties

Rutilated quartz is known as an illuminator for the soul that helps you to grow spiritually. It helps remove negative junk from your aura and pulls off negative energy. It's a great stone to meditate with especially if you are focusing on self-growth and empowerment.