Citrine, a Gem That Embodies Warmth And Invites Abundance

Citrine, which is often mistaken for Topaz in the gem world, is a type of quartz crystal that is warm, inviting, and fiery. Metaphysically it is known for stimulating energy, helping one to resonate with the frequency of wealth and abundance. 

Quartz is known to amplify energy, so when meditating with affirmations while wearing or working with a Citrine is something that helps many match their frequencies to that of abundance–which doesn’t necessarily mean money

Citrine gets its fiery colors from either iron or trace amounts of aluminum. In many cases, an amethyst or smoky quartz with aluminum is often heated up to create those luscious warm tones. In the metaphysical world, many consider this a “fake” citrine, but in the gem world, these are pretty popular (and gorgeous, too!)

Regarding fake Citrines, the International Gem Society noted that Brazilian Topaz Madeira Topaz or Topaz Quartz are all Citrines. So if you see someone selling a Madeira Topaz, it’s actually a Madeira Citrine and these are stunningly beautiful gems. I have yet to work with one (goals!)



I have mostly worked with raw pieces of Citrine and polished stones. Recently I just wrapped a lovely faceted Citrine with copper and I have another gem I plan on wrapping also. As with Topaz, Citrine is my birthstone so I definitely plan to add a Madiera to my gem and mineral collection.