Charoite Vibes

I had no idea that Charoite was a rare stone until I looked it up on Wikipedia. This gem is a rare silicate mineral that was named after the Chara River In Russia. It’s a lovely lavender to purple color with a pearly shine to it. I’ve only wrapped one many years ago when I’d first gotten started. This piece is rather new and I am just in love with its calming vibe.

Charoite is also known as the lilac stone or Charoite Jade. The word “chary’ means magic or charms in Russian. it’s known as a gem of the soul that reminds you to live in the present while helping you understand lessons that life may have to offer us.

It’s known for being able to provide clarity of the mind while helping you to unleash your creativity. It’s known to help one overcome their fears, resistance to their sacred path in life and face the constant changes that life throws at us with courage and love.

It’s known also to help one transform their mind by helping the to take a new approach to old information. See how you can alternate patterns to create a new way of doing things.