Aquamarine: What is it? Why Should You Own One?

Aquamarine is a lovely gemstone variety of the mineral beryl and has so many associations with water and the sea. Its color ranges from pale green to pale blue. In fact, it is the sister gem to emerald, the green variety of beryl.

What is Aquamarine and its history?

Aquamarine comes from the gemstone group beryl. Beryl comes from the earth that is the precursor to olivine. In the Jurassic Period, during the Mesozoic Era, 250 million years ago, a volcano erupted in what is now Brazil and spewed out the mineral beryl. Beryl was located in the same vein as olivine, which was then split in two.

Both beryl and olivine were then covered in molten magma, which started to cool. The magma then solidified into a hard stone known as feldspar, which forms the rest of the aquamarine gemstone.

Aquamarine & Emerald pendant with 14K rose gold filled wire

Understanding the color of Aquamarine

Just about every Aquamarine you will see on the market will be a range of blues to light green in color.  Beryl is known to produce an array of colorful hues based on the amount of beryl and its other mineral inclusions--elements such as  beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen


The mystical connection to water and the sea

Cultures around the world have believed in the mystical connection of aquamarine to the sea and the ocean, with the stone being associated with all sorts of magical powers, including healing and protection. Aquamarine has been found in carved seal statues and jewelry in ancient Sumer and in Greek and Roman sculptures dating back to at least the fifth century B.C.

 In ancient Greece, the gem was often used in jewelry with the belief that it captured the spirit of the sea

Aquamarine has long been associated with the healing powers of water and was known as a “water stone.


How to buy an Aquamarine, the perfect gemstone for the water sign.

Aquamarine & Rose Quartz Bracelet in Silver

The Aquamarine is very common, and comes in many shades of blue and blue-green.

Aquamarine is a great gemstone for those born under the water sign. It's even the birthstone for March.  I know, we all can't spend time in the sea, but perhaps a lucky Aquamarine will help you get that sense of being close to the water's edge, a connection you can relate to.

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