Aquamarine is a Gem of Mermaids and Serenity

Aquamarine is one of my favorite stones to work with. So far, I've never worked with a cut and faceted aquamarine gemstone but the one in the above photo is the closest to that. It is shaped but not faceted. 

That one was also really tiny. For me, aquamarines are a soothing gem and there is just something sweet about their energy. 

The American Gem Trade Association shared the legend of this calming stone. According to these origin stories, aquamarine was first discovered in the treasure chest of mermaids. Ancient mariners believed that this gem would protect them from the wrath of the sea. 



Aquamarines come in a blue, pale green, or a blend of the two colors. Aquamarine is actually the gem variety of the mineral beryl and you may be more familiar with its sister gem, emerald, which is a deeper green. 

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For aquamarines, the pure blue color is the most prized, and some are often heat-treated to have that color enhanced. Heat is gently applied for many hours until the greens become pastel blues and these results are permanent. 



The above photo was taken with a macro lens and is of the green chunk of raw aquamarine that came to me as a gift from Denise and Daryl--the couple who introduced me to this amazing world of crystals, gems, and minerals. 

If those specks of minerals could talk, I wound what stories they would have to share. The photos below are macro shots of the aquamarine gem that I wrapped in silver--that one is the second photo.