Amazonite: The purest green waters.

Amazonite is a lovely green gem named after the Amazon River even though there are no known deposits that exist in that region. It has a soothing vibe that calms both the throat and heart chakras. It’s primary color is a light green shade that makes me think of the Caribbean, but is sometimes bluish–green as well.  When polished it looks like the purest green waters.

Amazonite is known as a stone of truth and communication. If you have problems accepting the truth or facing it, this stone will help you do just that in a gentle, loving manner. Green is the color for the heart chakra as well as health.

On an energetic level, it filters out negative vibes such as EMFs from your computers and phones to other environmental energetic toxins. It’s primarily a heart chakra and throat chakra gem but it calms all of the chakras with its soothing vibe. It also helps you to focus on what you want such as good luck and love.


Amazonite is also a stone of balance and serenity. It helps you to become calm so you can focus your mind on what you do what (meditation wise) and will help you reach the frequency of your goals. It also helps calm the brain and helps you see all sides of a situation from every point of view. Again, that’s that truth aspect of this gem.


Amazonite reminds you to manifest universal love. The highest form of love there is, love of all that is–that frequency, resonates with this gem. Amazonite is a Virgo birthstone. The Amazonite in the image is provided by Thyme Keepers Limited and you can purchase it via their website.





I am calm

I am balanced

I am whole

I am truthful

I am able to communicate

Note: A good friend of mine runs an online mineral store, Thyme Keepers Limited and a few of my posts are from her store in support of her. All images in this post are (c) Tambo @ Thyme Keepers--used with permission.