Agate is a very common variety of quartz crystal (silicon dioxide) and comes in many forms. It gets its name because it is banded chalcedony which is a micro-crystalline form of quartz. It forms in almost every color you can think of even colorless. 

Agate is such a beautiful gem that has so many different varieties. It’s a type of chalcedony (quartz) that gets its name from the Achates River which is now known as the Dirillo River in Sicily, Italy. Its upper waters were an ancient source of agates.

Agates come in every color in the spectrum and each one is unique. Moss agates are great for plants and working with gardening. They help you connect to the earth. Blue lace agate, the rarest of them all, is soothing and address any communication issue. Carnelian is a well-known type of agate that was even mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and is known for protection against negative spirits.

Grey and colorless agates are often dyed bright colors as well.

Agates can occur in all minerals but are most commonly found in igneous rocks. They are often fluorescent and easily identifiable. 

Agates are known as stones of strength and protection. Many colors add to their properties as well. Moss agates are known for helping your garden and go great with plants. The energy of agates is a slow and steady vibration that is constant and stable. It’s energy helps you ground and connect with the Earth’s own energy which is something we all need to do. Agate is a Capricorn birthstone.

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I am whole
I am safe
I am grounded
I am stable
I am protected

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