65 Million Years Old and Growing: Ammonite Cluster

Ammonite once lived over 65 million years ago. They are some of the coolest, yet common fossils found and exude cosmic energy due to their spiral shape. Ammonite is all about the earth energy and helps keep you grounded while also helping you along your life path.

It’s considered organic in the mineral kingdom meaning it was produced by a living being or was a living being. In Feng Shui, Ammonite is known as the 7 color stone of prosperity. Ammonite brings peace, abundance, and vitality to your home and business. It also transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Ammonite is stabilizing and helps bring stability into your life whether you are suffering from loss or some type of chaos that has you emotionally shaken. Ammonite will help keep you grounded while transmuting any of the negative emotions into love.


Ammonite name stems from the shell’s similarity to the spiraled ram horns on the head of the Egyptian god, Ammon, (Amun, Amun-Ra) whose name is also used at the end of many prayers (Amen).  Amun meant something hidden or invisible. Faith is unseen and so is life force energy which Ammonite exudes. Ammonite is an Aquarius and Cancer birthstone.

The lovely Ammonite cluster in the image is provided by Thyme Keepers Limited and you can purchase it via their website.


I am stable
I am grounded
I am one with cosmic energy
I radiate energy
I am whole

Note: A good friend of mine runs an online mineral store, Thyme Keepers Limited and a few of my posts are from her store in support of her. All images in this post are (c) Tambo @ Thyme Keepers--used with permission.