5 Green Gems Other Than Emerald

Her Emerald Eyes Glowed With Joy

Header photo via Gemstone.org

Emerald is a precious gemstone and a beautiful green variety of the mineral Beryl, however it’s not the only green gemstone out there. It’s often used to describe beautiful green objects whether it’s someone’s eyes or clothing or anything else. There are thousands of minerals on this planet and many come in a vast array of colors. I want to share with you five different green minerals that I have wrapped.




Calcite is a waxy feeling mineral–it’s very smooth and is a calcium carbonate mineral that makes up a major part of marble and limestone. Green calcite is known for it’s ability to help bring a renewed sense of vitality. The color green encourages self-forgiveness and love. It reminds us that we have the ability to make positive changes in our lives.




Dioptase has an intense color that sometimes ranges from emerald to a deep teal. Known as the gem of the Congo or a copper emerald, this gem is a hydrated copper silicate. It’s often found with minerals such as chrysocolla.




Green Kyanite is the rarest form of Kyanite, or so I have heard. This one spoke to me and it had two baby black tourmaline crystals growing from it.  Green kyanite is all about nature’s balance and reminds us that we are a part of nature itself.




Ajoite is a rare mineral that is actually an oxidized form of copper. The mineral I made this pendant came from the South African Messina mine which has been closed for over 20 years.The one in the photo is my personal piece but I also have one available for sale (as of right now).





Malachite is a beautiful banded mineral in varying shades of green. It’s highly toxic in powder or rough form–if you breathe in the dust it could make you sick. So if you work with cutting, carving or shaping this stone be sure to use safety features such as goggles and a mask. It’s safe to wear as jewelry and many people do. Malachite is one of the many mineral ores of copper.