4/20 Giveaway: Rose Quartz Pendant/Charm in 14K White Gold


Giveaway Details

The prize is a rose quartz charm that can double as a pendant. It's wrapped with 14K palladium white gold and valued at $150. By this I mean that I would list it in my online store for $150 due to the high cost of the metal. 

How To Enter. 


Simply sign up for my blog email updates. If you are already on my list, then you're already entered. 

Winner will be announced on April 20, 2021 and I will ship the pendant to them (no shipping charges apply--I'll cover them.) 

Free Gift For Entering The Giveaway!


I created "I Am A Gem" as a way to encourage others to be more self-confident, which sounds easier than it is to do. In this free guide that you get automatically when you enter the giveaway, I include a meditation script for you to record and create your own empowering meditation.

This is really important because there is nothing like hearing your own voice telling you that you are worthy of self-love. 

Download your copy and enter my 4/20 Giveaway today!