3 Gem & Mineral Podcasts To Enjoy

Since I've started Getting Stoned on New Year's Day, I thought it would be great to create a unique list of gem and mineral podcasts to explore. And by explore, I mean listen and learn from. One thing I've always found that it's best to always keep learning. Let's dive!

Breakfast With Minerals.

Breakfast With Minerals is a fun podcast where the hosts chat with influential people in the mineral-collecting world over breakfast. It's hosted by Gail and Jim Spann out of Dallas.


Radical Rocks.

Radical Rocks is a podcast that covers gems, minerals, rocks, lapidary, rockhounding, mining, jewelry, and so much more. In the latest episode (at the time of this writing) released on March 24, Shane talks about Bruneau Jasper, morganite, Serpentine, and an array of topics including scientific findings that theorize that life came from lightning.


Geo Podcast.

Geo Podcast is hosted by Gary Lewis, an Australian-born geologist, and is a place to learn about geology for teachers, students, rock hound, and geology enthusiasts. In his latest episode on Feb 28, 2021, Gary talks about volcanic eruptions and how geologists are able to monitor what a volcano is doing. It's pretty fascinating.