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Why You Need To Hear This Song by @DjKhaled and @SizzlaKalonji #ImSoGrateful

I found another song. It’s late and bills like to stack up on you. It gets repetitive. Sometimes I have my low moments. I have had friends turn against me, new friends come out in support, and sometimes, your whole world just falls apart when the one you loved the most stabs you in the…
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What is Grounding?

Grounding is connecting to earth energy.   Our bodies have a lot of energy and sometimes more than we can handle. Grounding is a way to release that energy into Mother Earth while absorbing the energy we need from her. It is literally keeping you rooted in place emotionally so you are that strong tree…
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5 Kick-Ass Crystals That Blocks Negative Energy Like A Ninja!

5 Kick-ass Crystals That Block Negative Energy Like A Ninja!   Negative energy is the opposite of positive energy and both are made up of frequencies. Negative usually comes from negative emotions like anger, hate, sadness, etc. There are also negative entities out there that feed off of negative energy. So if you are having…
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How To Cleanse Your Crystals

This is a very common question that I was asked every day when I had my jewelry store.  People would come in to purchase jewelry or crystals and I cleanse them for them but, like your hair, gemstones need their maintenance, too.   Energy is like germs. Everyone has them–both good and bad energy. When…
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