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What Is Specular Hematite?

While in Atlanta, I came across a stone that looked like the night sky. At first, I thought it was a type of Goldstone, but upon picking it up it felt a lot heavier than the manmade gem that also sparkles like the night sky. Specular Hematite is a type of hematite that looks like…
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Tesla Rocks: Chalcanthite

I love Tesla just as much as I love crystals and minerals and gems. So I bring them together in my Tesla Rocks series where I compare a Tesla car to a mineral. If this @Tesla Roadster were a mineral it would be Chalcanthite, a hydrated water-soluble copper sulfate. $TSLA #minerals 💎 — Johnna💎…
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One Of My Jewelry Designs Went To SpaceX To Visit The Starship

When I first started wire wrapping, I wasn’t serious about it at all. In fact, Daryl told me, “One day this will make you a lot of money. You can build a business out of this,” I didn’t believe him. I was not business savvy. I wish he could see me now. Not only does…
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Mother’s Day Gems and Mineral Show ATL Recap

I had a blast over Mother’s Day when I went to Atlanta to visit friends, family and check out the gems and mineral show up in Marietta. I even got to meet my biological sister, Ashley, for the first time and we are a lot alike. But we know that’s not why you stopped here–you…
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What is Hyalite Opal And Is It Radioactive?

A few months ago, I came across a photo of this glow in the dark opal. Some of the research I was reading up on said that it glowed due to low levels of uranium in the opal, which is a pretty rare opal. It sounded unreal and I mentally put the gem on my…
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What’s The Difference Between Argentium Silver and Sterling Silver?

You may have seen me talking about a new type of silver that I work with: Argentium Silver. I’ve worked primarily with Sterling silver since I have been wrapping minerals and gems, but have discovered that Argentium is a nice metal to work with as well. People have asked me what the difference is between…
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Now Making Pet Jewelry. Meet My Model, Jin Jin.

In 2018, I was visiting my friend and neighbor Joanna Ballard on Thanksgiving Day and we had a surprise visitor: a tiny fuzzy orange kitten who had been abandoned. We managed to catch him and she has now become his pet Mom. We don’t know what happened to Jin Jin or where he came from–but…
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Baton Rouge Gem and Mineral Show

Gems, Minerals, Fossils and Fun!     Today I had a fun adventure at the Marriott here in Baton Rouge with my friend Joanna. We went to the gem, mineral and fossil sale show that was hosted by Rock Trading out of Dallas. I shared my videos and gems on twitter, trolled Elon Musk a…
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photo by John Betts

What is Elon ‘Muskovite’?

Elon Musk and the mineral Muscovite share a name, kind of. I’ve joked about it on Twitter before but made this meme the other day and it’s kinda gotten a few likes. (Although, not by Elon as of right now,). Did you know that Muscovite also shares it’s name with the Grand Duchy of Moscow?…
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Ancestralite Hematite

Ancestralite is a type of hematite that was formed under increased oxygen levels. It has lovely shimmery specks that show it went through an intense process through time while being formed. Ancestralite helps release negative energy while also grounding it so the earth can transmute it.   Ancestralite is a gem that helps deal with…
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