Today is the day before Thanksgiving. It’s 2018 and the past year has been intense to the say the least. A year ago, I was happily married, just surviving from losing a lot to Harvey and trying to move forward. My, now former, husband was working a new job and we, I thought, were happy.

In March everything changed. In June I almost took my life over it. I almost broke. It’s a long story that involved Elon Musk who literally saved my life with a tweet and when  he found out what had happened to me, he was kind.

In August, I wrote this article on Medium. Elon commented on it, but I was also seeing tweets from one of my favorite musicians, Alex Boye, that were speaking to my soul.


I want to talk about Alex’s video. When it came out, the similarities were so eerie. The video starts out with a girl on a bridge. She is about to make a permanent decision when her phone rings. And it’s Alex asking her,

“Before you go can I just ask you a question? When’s the last time you’ve thought life’s worth living? You May think there’s there only one way out. Can you see beyond the way you feel right now? If you just bend and not break. At least not today”

This song is about suicide. Alex’s voice is so raw, pure, and emotional. And it makes you stop and realize you matter.  Alex didn’t know, but in June, I was heart broken. I wanted to die. I wanted the pain to just end. And I was about to break when Elon Musk replied to one of my tweets.

When Elon told me to “Believe in good” after seeing my article, he made me feel as if I mattered. As if I, a random person who just got dumped by her husband, was worth something.

Then the powerful message in Alex’s video a month later:

“Listen, we are not the things we have done, but the things we have over come. Just take it one day at a time. Because your work here is definitely not done. You know”

I managed to hold on. I managed to bend and not break. And I am healing from the ordeal.


Today is the day before Thanksgiving. I just wanted to take a moment and not just give thanks for the fact that I am alive, but I want you to see this video. I want this video to go viral. I want you to know that you matter, too. Life is precious. Emotions come and go. We have to bend when the strong emotions flood us. Try not to drown, but just just hold on.

Please, watch this powerful video and pass it on. And hold on, because you matter.