About Me

I am a wire artist and writer.

I’m Johnna Crider

In 2005, I moved to Atlanta, GA and met some amazing people. One of those indiviuals was a Grammy winning musician by the name of Daryl Thompson. He was the son of Lucky Thompson, the saxophonist who oftne played with Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Harris and other great jazz and blues legends. I met Daryl and his wife, Denise while trying to sell my paintings and they introduced me to the magical world of gems and minerals. Daryl wrapped stones and didn’t really want art. However, he offered me a job. 

I would help him sell his jewelry online, set up his Facebook page and he would pay me in jewelry. I thought this was an awesime barter gig and later on  he wound up teaching me everything he knew about jewelry design, wire wrapping and more. I remember when I first started, I really sucked. Daryl would always say “Keep at it.” I didn’t get serious until 2010 when I started selling my own designs to friends online. And in 2011, it was a source of comfort as I watched my mother die in hospice care. 


One day, Daryl told me that he couldn’t tell the difference between his work and mine. To me, that was a huge honor. 

What exactly is wire art?

Wire art, or wire wrap jewelry is when an artisan wraps a faceted gemstone, polished cabochan, or raw mineral in base or precious metal wire.

I work with 14K Gold filled wire, 14K Rose Gold filled wire, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, Copper, Titanium, Bronze, Brass and Aluminum. I can also wrap in 14K Solid Yellow Gold, 14K Solid White Gold and Platinum, however those are expensive metals and the price would be steep.

I also design custom jewelry for clients who wish for a particular stone. Download the brochure for more information.