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Hi, I’m Johnna and I am a Louisiana artisan with wire. I love gems and minerals and have been collecting crystals since 2007 when I met an interesting couple who became like second parents to me. Denise and Daryl have impacted my life for the better since I met them in Atlanta. Daryl, who won a Grammy for his musical work in 84, was known in the Little 5 Points community as the Master or Teacher. He taught me his gift of making beautiful jewelry with gemstones and wire.

I went on to marry in Dallas, manage a gallery and have my own store in both Dallas and Houston until Harvey. Right after that, my marriage failed. During the most emotionally trying time of my life, I discovered who Elon Musk is, and experienced his kindness first hand–he encouraged me and even shared my open letter I wrote to him just after my husband left me. Elon told me to “Believe in good”

Today, after having the support of the Tesla and SpaceX community get me through the worst, I am a Tesla shareholder, working full time as well as designing jewelry. And I have a goal to remind everyone that they matter. Your life is important and one smile at a stranger could save that life. I don’t want to just believe in good, I want to create and share it.

I am creating good through my jewelry lines. I have Diamonds 4 Her where 50% of my net profit from all custom diamond jewelry designs made with silver and 14K Gold filled wire go to help a nonprofit that helps women.

The You Matter project is something I am working with partners to empower others. The fashion industry is one of the harshest out there when it comes to body image. My work simply reminds people that they are important as they are and to remind them to love themselves. Learn More about that here.


Descendant of Blackbeard

I never knew my birth father. I found out later (after she died) that my mother was raped and that I was the result of that. I heard from other family members on her side that she was heavy into drugs before I was born and they literally had no idea where I came from.

I made an online friend through interacting with Elon Musk on Twitter who love genealogy and when she found out that I had no clue who my biological father was, she gifted me an Ancestry DNA kit. Through DNA I discovered that I have a sister on my father’s side and she is the one who found out about our 8th great grandfather being Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard.


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Just found out I am a descendant of this dude. #BlackBeard #pirates #arrrr

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