I have a story to tell. About a week ago, say around October the 8th, a tiny star with a very loud mewl was born. This little star almost fizzled out. We honestly don’t know what happened and can only guess. My landlady has family in our neighborhood–they are pillars of the community and her granddaughter heard some noises under their house a few days ago.



Sydney, (that’s her name), said that there were at least four little mews that were crying. Then, for two days, there was only one. She finally managed to get to the source of that sound and it was a really tiny kitten with dark blue eyes. I got the phone call from my neighbor, Joanna, whose cat JinJin didn’t like the loud newcomer.




We made a trip to Petco where we picked up a bed, a nursing kit and kitten formula and to be honest, I had (and still have) no clue how to foster a newborn kitten. We later took him to an emergency vet when he wasn’t eating. He also didn’t use the bathroom on his own. The vet explained that 1, our little baby was healthy but the hold in the nipple was too small and 2, we had to stimulate him.




Stimulate? I was so clueless. It means we had to take a wet soft cloth with warm water and wipe his tummy and genital area to encourage him to use the bathroom. Newborn kittens can not make themselves go without Mama kitty licking them. The vet said our baby was about 9 days old and guessed that October 8th was his birthday.

So, yes, I am definitely going to keep him–I mean those eyes just melt my heart. And I named him Tesla. I am a Tesla fan, and own shares in the company–so naturally I named my little one Tesla. It’s a cool name. It’s been a couple of very hectic days, but I can see a lot of progress. Joanna, my neighbor is very good with cats and kittens and she has been a huge help–I’d be lost without her. Also, a couple of members of the Tesla community helped cover the vet fees (I love you guys) so naturally this little one is the newest member of the Tesla family.




Joanna has a lot more patience than me, I am ashamed to say, but holding him and hearing that soft tiny purr reminds me that this little baby is depending on me (and Joanna).  He’s already left his marks on me (my poor hands!) and seems to love his unicorn pillow and hedgehog I bought him. Teslas and hedgehogs go together, I heard.



The cord you see in the tweet below is to a heating pad. Newborn kittens are unable to generate their own heat so I have it on the lowest setting. Also, I bought a wall clock and put it between the box and the wall. The ticking of the clock simulates the mother’s heartbeat. It’s so cute how he just buries himself in all the blankets and I triple check to make sure he’s still breathing.


Babies like these need to be fed every 2-3 hours and stimulated before and after they eat. However, we’ve been having a lot of poopy blankets and I’ve been spending the past couple of writing articles, doing laundry and fixing bottles. Joanna is a night owl–she usually goes to sleep around 7 am so she feeds and bathes him while I sleep. Then I take over during the day.


This is only my second day with baby Tesla and today he is officially 12 days old. The vet said that we will need to keep him on the bottle for at least 2 more weeks and that maybe in about 11 days he will be able to start litter box training.