5 Kick-ass Crystals That Block Negative Energy Like A Ninja!


Negative energy is the opposite of positive energy and both are made up of frequencies. Negative usually comes from negative emotions like anger, hate, sadness, etc.

There are also negative entities out there that feed off of negative energy. So if you are having a problem with one of those, take away it’s food and protect yourself.

The food part is hard. You have to own up to your part–if you’ve fed it with your fear or hate or anger. But once you are aware, then you’ve already taken that first step.

YOU resonate at a frequency. Whatever that frequency is, you need to raise it to a higher vibrational state.

Magic says that once you do, then poof all the problems will go away, which seems impossible so you don’t quite believe it.

Science says Magic is right but will have a valid explanation on the HOW.  When you resonate at a frequency, you automatically attract LIKE frequencies while repelling UNLIKE frequencies. Like the battery. Or magnets.

One side of the magnet attracts another magnet but flip it over and it REPELS it.

This is how vibrational frequency works. If you are at a high vibrational state, those with the negative vibrational states will be repelled away from you. Not magic. Science.


5 Kick-Ass Crystals That Blocks Negative Energy Like A Ninja are:


1.  Selenite. 

Selenite is a lovely form of gypsum that vibrates at a super high frequency–angelic to be precise. It has a soothing vibration that surrounds you with a light as a feather type of energy.

Natural  and carved wands will detach negative entities and negative energetic hooks from the aura. It also activates the Crown Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra.




2.  Obsidian.

Obsidian is a heavy stone if you’re not ready for it. However, when you need it, that heaviness will be the strength you need to deal with something. This is my experience talking.

There are many types of Obsidian and all of them will create a shield around your aura that will block the negative energy coming at you.

Obsidian is a very honest crystal and will literally show you how YOU took part in creating your current circumstances no matter how harsh it is.

But it will also lend you it’s strength to deal and face up to yourself aka that dark part of you that you need to face to become a better person.



3.  Aluminum

Ok so this one is a metal but Aluminum is badass. Seriously. It has a light energy feel and in some cases can be fragile (foil), but don’t let that fragility fool you.

Aluminum can shield your aura in a way that is similar to an invisibility cloak. The energy will simply pass by you like you’re not there and eventually be transmuted into positive energy.



4. Carnelian 

Carnelian is that happy go lucky person who will snap and kick your ass if you even think about trying something you shouldn’t be getting into. She will put you in your place so fast you won’t know what hit you.

Then she will serve you some hot chocolate, encourage you and inspire you.

According to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Carnelian was to be placed in the tombs as magic armor for life after death. It has this fiery life force energy blended with creativity that just takes off like a rocket.

Carnelian protects against harmful spirits, blocks attempts to read your mind all the while restoring your energy and repairing your aura.



5.  Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline will eat that negative energy and shit rainbows. That’s how awesome this crystal is.

It will literally transform the negative into positive while blocking it from harming you on a molecular level.

It blocks against psychic attack, (when someone sends bad vibes your way or wishes you harm), spells (or prayers to negative beings for your downfall), and energy (vibes given off during a fight for example).

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