Gem & Mineral Jewelry

Unique handmade jewelry wrapped with love. Each piece is one of a kind and made with real gems and minerals. 

Tanzanite Pendant
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Moonstone Ring (Size 5)
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Carnelian Pendant
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The event which birthed Moldavite was one of cataclysmic power. The force of the impact explosion has been estimated at around six trillion not tons–but megatons.

Add up all the atom bombs on earth and multiply them by a million or so and you still don’t have enough to equal the impact that birthed Moldavite.

Conversation Starter

“Whoa, where did you get THAT?” is a common question that I have received when wearing my own work. Many of my clients also get asked that a lot. 

Jewelry makes a great conversation starter and helps you shine while expressing your own individuality. Each of my designs are unique and one of a kind. 

Rare Stones

Ajoite In Quartz

Ajoite is a rare mineral that has only two known localities. This one comes from the Messina mine in South Africa, which has been closed for over 20 years. 

This pendant is available for $79, and I have two more Ajoites that I can design something with as well. 

Ajoite is a pretty hard stone to get ahold of outside of gem and mineral show markets. 


Whether you wear it or showcase it in your home, my art is a form of magic. 

Creativity is a gift we all have and the best way to put it is how Elon Musk did: 

“Engineering is Magic”

Simply put, I make my own magic.  Each unique piece of my wearable art passes through my hands and into yours with love and care. 

Designing your next piece 

Stand out
and let yourlight SHINE

I may be the artist, but this will be an extension of you. You choose the stone, style and metal. You wear it and treasure it. This is a facet of who you are–a snapshot of your individuality. 

Custom Jewelry Options

When a client decides they want something custom designed, we work together on creating their art. There are three things to consider when doing this:


The stone will be the focal point of your piece. Do you want it cut and faceted into a gemstone or want it raw and untouched? Or maybe simply poliched or even cut into a cabochon. 


The style determines how you’re going to wear it. Around your neck, on your ears (you would need two stones), or as a ring or bracelet. 


Copper is the most common metal many of my clients choose because of it’s lower prices. 

However, Sterling silver, Argentium Silver, 14K yellow gold filled and 14K Rose gold filled are also popular options. 

Your Next Design Awaits You

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