Handmade Jewelry

Made with real gemstones and minerals.

Created with love.

Sanitized for safety.

Custom Gemstone Jewelry

I provide custom jewelry options for clients who want a specific gemstone and style of jewelry. Cut and faceted gemstones create a dazzling sense of luxury and don’t have to be high-priced. Click here to learn more.

Custom Mineral Jewelry

Some prefer the natural feel of raw and polished minerals to cut and faceted gemstones. The above image is a raw grey-white diamond wrapped into a ring. Click here to learn more about custom jewelry. 

Jewelry $25 & Under

Affordable handmade jewelry in a variety of metals.

Affordable Jewelry

My $25 and under collection feature a variety of gems and minerals wrapped in various metals such as copper, silver, brass and 14K gold-filled wire. 

Unique jewelry that won’t break the bank. 

Gemstone From The Stars

Gemstone From The Stars.

Moldavite has a fascinating connection with historical items such as The Holy Grail, The Emerald Tablets, and more. This is from it being a unique stone that fell to earth many millions of years ago and fusing with our planet in an intense explosion. This stone is known as the stone of transformation.


Moldavite Jewelry