Jewelry by Johnna Crider










Jewelry $25 & Under

Affordable Jewelry $25 and Under

Jewelry $25 and Under features a mix of handmade jewelry made with gemstones and minerals wrapped in both base and precious metals. Explore below to find yours.


Jewelry in Precious Metals

Gems and minerals wrapped in precious metals such as Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, or 14K Gold/Rose Gold filled wire look unique yet elegant.

Blending the earthiness of minerals with the elegance of precious metals creates a sense of mystique and fashion.

Explore my creations in precious metals below.

Base Metals For An Earthy Look

There is something soulful about a faceted gem or raw mineral wrapped in copper or brass.

Base metals are more affordable than precious and have their own enchanting beauty.

Special care will keep your base metal jewelry shining. I use anything with vinegar such as hot sauce or ketchup to keep my base metal jewelry clean.


I have been wire wrapping since 2007–when I met a Grammy-winning musician who taught me how. My skills have grown, however, I feel as if we can all continue to grow. This is reflected in some of my work. 

In some of my pieces, they look very ‘rough’ while others look more polished or better–this shows years of progress. I didn’t really take wire wrapping seriously until there was a time in my life where my livelihood literally depended on my craft. 

The mix below are some of my best pieces that I loved.