Gem & Mineral Jewelry

Affordable jewelry that is custom made for you. Simply choose a stone, metal and style and create something unique just for you or a loved one. 

Create your own

Wearable Art
custom designed
for you

One of the beautiful things about custom jewelry is that it’s made with you and your budget in mind. 

You choose the stone, style, and metal.  


How It Works

The graph shows the cost of something designed with style and metals. 

This is the initial cost before the price of a mineral or gemstone is added. 

If you want an emerald ring wrapped in 14K Rose Gold filled wire and the emerald is $499, you would add the $499 to the initial cost of $125. 

This is how I base my pricing and all orders over $100 qualify for free shipping worldwide. 

Once you decide that you want something designed, fill out the contact form and we will go from there. 

If you have your own stone, then the cost is only the initial wrap cost. 

Request A Design Quote

Simply tell me in the form below what you want and what your budget is. 

My goal is to provide affordable jewelry and that requires knowing how much you want to spend. 

Customer Reviews

Here are a few customer reviews from Twitter

Opal Earrings in Sterling

 Opal Beauty Charm • Luna’s Grimoire
“Empower an opal by repeating the following: Inner splendor, shine right through, Radiate my beauty, true.” ❤️❤️ These!❤️❤️

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Turqoise Pendant in Argentium

In 3D

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Tsavorate Garnet In 14K Gold


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About Johnna Crider

Jewelry Artisan. 

Johnna Crider is a Louisiana artist who learned her skills with wire work from Grammy winning musician, Daryl Adonist Thompson, (1984 album, Anthem, Black Uhuru)

Johnna works with both base and precious metals and loves collecting gems and minerals.

In 2018,  Elon Musk shared an open letter Johnna wrote him from her old website (Johnna Sabri) when she discovered who Elon Musk was and the good he is doing for our world with his companies. 

As a thank you, she gave him a Moldavite Pendant which he gracefully accepted with a simple, “Thanks’ on Twitter. 

Johnna sent that gift to SpaceX.  

Today, Johnna is a Tesla shareholder with hopes and dreams of not just owning a Tesla one day, but also  plans to take a course with the Gemology Institute of America and eventually become a gemologist. 


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